Saturday, October 18, 2014

Girls' Road Trip

A pretty fall day, good friends & some free time equals a road trip with the girls.

The perfect place to go in the fall, Turkey Run.

The trails may be rugged & strenuous,
but nothing scares these old broads!

Whether we take the high trail

Or the low trail

 No matter if our shoes got wet

 Or we stayed high & dry,

We kept going,

And never stopped,

Well ok, maybe once.

We survived!
We came & we conquered the infamous Turkey Run trail 3!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Prettiest Time of the Year

We made it home from the Southwest just in time for the peak of the fall color.

It rained almost everyday we were gone, so the pastures are green.

 But the leaves are vibrant.

I'm glad we didn't miss the show!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Superstion Mountains

Last stop is the Phoenix area before we head home.  I love the Supertition Mountains, so we had to take one last hike there.
We chose the Heiroglyphic Trail.

The hike was uphill to an area where tiny waterfalls flowed & small pools of water collected in the rocks.

It must have been a significant spot in ancient times.
There were numerous petroglyphs etched into the rocks.

There was also a small cave. I explored it and found a grass & weed nest, probably a rodent's cache for the winter.

The only wildlife we saw was this quail that ran in front of us.

But it was still a wonderful hike to end our vacation.

So long, Southwest!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Red Rock Country

We are staying a few days in Sedona, one of my favorite places.

Its easy to see why.  Its so scenic.

Can you spot Snoopy Rock?

We hiked to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a church built into the mountain.

And we hiked around Bell Rock.  
I could spend many more days in Sedona, but we have to move on with fond memories of the beautiful red rocks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Two Fun Hikes

Today we left Winslow and drove to Walnut Canyon National Monument.

800 years ago, native people called Sinagua, created dwellings in the cliff walls sheltered by overhanging rock shelves.

Their homes lined the sides of the 370 feet tall canyon.

After 180 steps down, we walked along a trail that hugged the side of the canyon.  
It was a walk back in time.

Then we drove south to the red rocks of Sedona, stopping for this deer on our way.

Another hike with lots of steps which led to...

Devil's bridge.
(I was too scared to walk out on the bridge, but got a photo of Rick checking out the view!)

Takin' It Easy

We are spending the night in Winslow, Arizona.

I couldn't resist standing on the corner!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wood to Stone

We visited park number 34 on our quest to see all the national parks.
 Petrified Forest National Park is amazing.

The park has petrified logs lying on the ground in many places.

Another lesser known feature of the park, but just as beautiful,
 is the colorful painted desert at the north end.

The park also has the Blue Mesa area where erosion has created blue, gray & maroon layers in the mesas and given them an "elephant skin" texture.

And of course you see the logs turned to stone.

Broken cross-sections of the logs reveal agate, jasper & quartz.

Journey back on time at Petrified Forest National Park.