Friday, November 15, 2019

A New Riding Arena

We had a small riding arena and sand lot installed this fall. 
Now the horses won't be standing in mud all winter.

This is a before picture.  
This area was where I'd keep the horses during the winter.
As you can imagine, it was nothing but mud by the time Spring got here.

First the tree was cut down and the sod removed.

A trench was dug around the perimeter in order  to install a drain.

Here comes the large roller that was used to compact the layers.

A permeable fabric was laid down to allow water to drain with out eroding our substrates.

The drain

Next, gravel is delivered

The gravel was poured over the fabric and compacted.
At this point, we had torrential rains and the job was held up for a few weeks.

Due to the drop in elevation, the sand lot was higher than the arena
 so a wall was built separating the two.

The horses got some good training being led through a construction area every day!

Finally, here comes the sand!

Lots of triple washed sand was spread.

The wall between the sand lot and arena.

Finished dry lot.
Just in time!

Monday, November 11, 2019