Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creekstompin' & Campfires

What better way to spend a hot Memorial Day holiday
than to play in the creek.

Throwin' rocks

Exploring hollow tree stumps

Digging in the sand

Even the little guys can join in

Building sand castles

Everyone gets to swim in this "pool"!

Afterwards, a campfire with marshmallows.

Yum!  Finger lickin' good!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

After days of rain and severe weather,
finally some sunshine.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Trail Ride

Today Jasper & I headed to western Indiana
to attend a trail ride & cookout.

The ride was sponsored by our horse trainer Ed.
This is his lesson barn and arena.

We managed to squeeze in a trail ride
even though thunder rumbled in the distance.
That's our friend from last week's Cowboy Challenge on the right,
joined by another rider at the small pond.

Jaz & me by the big fishin' pond.
Across the pond is the picnic shelter and bonfire site.
which unfortunately got rained out.

The event also included a fishing contest.

And the fish were biting!

When rain threatened,
  we went in the arena and played horse soccer.
After a tasty pitch in dinner inside, 
we headed home with smiles on our faces.

Y'all come back real soon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Life

Look what I discovered in my pasture this morning
while picking up limbs from the storm!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storm Damage

We've been plagued with storm this week.
Last night we had a doozy roll through.
By the light of day, this is what I saw.
 Straight line winds appeared to have whipped through pasture.

 Broken branch

 This half dead tree didn't fare too well.

This big ash tree seems to have taken the brunt of the wind.
Thank goodness the horses were safely tucked into their stalls.

And this big tulip poplar came down on the trail.
I think I'm ready for Spring to end!

Just Hanging Out

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This & That

Just some random shots from around the farm.

Oyster mushroom
 Great Blue Heron

Stinkhorn fungus

 Watchful eyes

Hey there's another one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wood Duck Family

While walking this morning, I encountered a family of Wood ducks, 
mom & 11 ducklings.
When mom saw me, she swam upstream, flapping her wings and making lots of
noise to distract me from her babies.
 Meanwhile, the ducklings quickly swam downstream away from her.

When I didn't follow mom, she courageously swam directly in front of me,
trying to draw me away from the babies.
Wood ducks are normally very shy and fly away long before I can get close.
What a brave mom!
(Note the turtle on the bank too.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Old Apple Tree

The apple tree in the pasture is a favorite loafing spot.
Plenty of shade and in the Fall, apples!
The problem is....
this morning, it looked like this.
time for some farm maintenance.

Of course, when we arrived with our tools,
we had helpers.

Tag supervising.
"Now remember, don't cut any more than you have to.
Those apples are delicious"

"This is almost more than I can bear!"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Friends

At the Cowboy Challenge,
we saw lots of different animals.

 Friendly goat

Curious donkey

1week old baby Friesian

And a duck doing Pilates!

Cowboy Challenge

Yesterday a friend & I competed in a Cowboy Challenge.
It is a timed race taking your horse through various obstacles.
This was a first for Rocky & me and we competed in the pairs competition.

First, the two riders hold a crepe paper tape between them and trot around the arena.


Whew! Made it without breaking!

Another obstacle was sidepassing your horse over a log.

Weaving between barrels

 Walking over tires

Going through a noodle curtain.

Going through water

 Next one rider opened a rope gate and the second rode into the box in the pen
and spun the horse 360°.
Here Rocky & I are just finished and leaving the box.

Controlled riding up a hill

Back down the hill between fluttering (spooky) tapes and few other scary things!
There was also a bridge and backing between cones.
We didn't place, but had a great time.  

Two happy cowgirls.