Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Another Indiana Day Trip

 Another beautiful summer day, so time for a day trip.

This time we headed north, near Wabash & Peru.

First stop was Kokiwanee Nature Preserve, a former girl scout camp along the Salamonie River gorge.

It features 4.6 miles of trails among the bluffs of the river. 

In the southeast corner of the preserve is Kissing Falls.

Directly across the river from the preserve is the Salamonie River State forest.
We stopped there for lunch, eating in the Hominy Ridge picnic area.

This is the bucolic Hominy Ridge Lake near where we picnicked.

There were lots of CCC buildings & structures to admire.

Farther into the park, there was the enticing 3 Falls Trail, which we were tempted to explore, 

but we had another nature preserve to visit, so we traveled on.

Near Peru Indiana is the Seven Pillars Nature Preserve.

The preserve features 25 foot limestone pillars on the north side of Mississinewa River.
There was a convenient parking area at the intersection of Mississinewa Road and county road 400
where you can look or wade across the river to see the pillars.

The pillars are considered a sacred place to the Miami Indians who still gather at the pillars.

The preserve also has 2.8 miles of trails along the river.

Along the way we saw this pretty wildflower meadow called Preslie Meadow.

What a great way to end a pleasant day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Busy as a Beaver (even thought he's not!)

I spotted this little muskrat in the creek this morning.
They have poor eyesight so I was able to film him from the creek bank
as he went about his business.

Looks like he's taking some snacks back to his burrow.

Monday, July 13, 2020


It's been a good year for Blackberries.
Time to make jelly.

I found three grandkids to help pick the berries.

The berries are washed,

Warmed to get the juices flowing and then crushed,

and placed in a jelly bag to strain out all those nasty seeds.

Then the juice is boiled with sugar and pectin

And, whah lah, we have jelly!

The Twins