Friday, October 23, 2020

Biking the Nickel Plate Trail

 The day dawned bright and unseasonably warm, 

so we went for a bike ride.

We headed to Kokomo to ride the Nickel Plate rail trail.

The Trail is 37 miles of paved trail from Kokomo to Rochester.
And the fall colors were beautiful!

Lots of leaves and solitude.

Originally we planned to ride out 9 miles to Bunker Hill.
But once there we decided to go another 6 miles to Peru and the mighty Wabash River.

As you can see, we made it!

The Wabash River.

Next stop, Wendy's for some fuel to make it home!

All total 32. 8 miles.
It was a memorable day!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Persimmon Picking

 The persimmons are starting to look ripe.

They'll be ready to eat when they fall from the trees.

I collected them, once they fell from the trees.
Got about a gallon of them.

After a good washing, I mashed them to remove the seeds.

I got about 4 cups of pulp.

I froze 2 cups and made a persimmon pudding with the other 2.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Visiting Ohio's Amish Country

 We decided to get away to Holmes County, Ohio,

known for its Amish population.

Driving into Holmesville.

We had dinner at the Berlin Farmstead Restaurant.
This is also a Harvest Host business where we spent the night in the RV.

In the morning, we went to Hershberger's Farm & Market for donuts.
I also picked up a few pumpkins.

The draft horses were bringing in pumpkins from the fields while we were there.

Wonderful, huge donuts!

Amish laundry day!

We brought our bikes and rode on the Holmes County Rail Trail.
This is the trailhead at Millersburg.
There is parking, restrooms, picnic shelters and a playground near the old depot.

A view from the trail where is passes through a wetland.

We rode to the end of the trail at Killbuck, about 6 miles and then headed back.

One of the unique things about the Holmes Co. trail is its dual tracks.
One side for horses and buggies, the other for bikes and walkers.
It was a a thrill passing a couple of buggies on our ride!

It was a fun few days in Amish country.
Someday we'll return when we can shop and explore more.