Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cowboy Challenge

Yesterday a friend & I competed in a Cowboy Challenge.
It is a timed race taking your horse through various obstacles.
This was a first for Rocky & me and we competed in the pairs competition.

First, the two riders hold a crepe paper tape between them and trot around the arena.


Whew! Made it without breaking!

Another obstacle was sidepassing your horse over a log.

Weaving between barrels

 Walking over tires

Going through a noodle curtain.

Going through water

 Next one rider opened a rope gate and the second rode into the box in the pen
and spun the horse 360°.
Here Rocky & I are just finished and leaving the box.

Controlled riding up a hill

Back down the hill between fluttering (spooky) tapes and few other scary things!
There was also a bridge and backing between cones.
We didn't place, but had a great time.  

Two happy cowgirls.

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