Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jaz Tries the Cowboy Challenge

The Foxtrotter Club sponsored a Cowboy Challenge at the campout.
The challenge requires the horse & rider to negotiate
various obstacles which the horse, being a suspicious prey animal, 
is not very willing to do.
 My 5 year old Foxtrotter, Jaz & I gave it a shot.
First, to start the clock, we had to pop a balloon.

Jaz spooked (jumped), but I stayed on top and off we went.

We had to carry a bucket of water

And pour into a new bucket

Ride across a tarp and over barrels,

Step through a tire

Open a mailbox, take out and umbrella, open it and return to the mailbox

Weave around a line of poles

Through a shredded tarp called a cowboy curtain
which the horse perceives as a solid object.

Over a wooden bridge, grab a rope and pull a tire

Then hi-tail it home to pop a second balloon, stopping the clock.

Jaz attempted every obstacle, never refusing to try, 
and, we got 1st place in the ladies division!

Winning a pink bucket of horse stuff.
I think pink looks good with black, don't you?

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