Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Fairy Trail?

Spring break is here and what do you do with the kids to keep them busy?
Take an Enchanted Fairy Trail! 
After receiving tourism info from Indiana, 
I saw that Richmond, Indiana had a fairy trail which piqued our interest.
So off we went for the day.

We made it!

The Fairy Trail consists of finding tiny doors to fairy dwellings all over town.

We found them at the Welcome Center where we picked up our brochure,

 And we found them in restaurants,

 in books in a book store.

 in a wonderful toy store,

 We found two at the library,

 Books seemed to be a popular fairy lodging.

And we found them at candle stores 

And furniture stores.
We only found a fraction of the over 40 fairy dwellings.
But we all had fun, even Grandma!

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