Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Limberlost Cabin

We visited the Limberlost Cabin, home of famous Indiana author
Gene Stratton - Porter.

The house was her home from 1895 until 1913.
She wrote many of her novels here, including A Girl of the Limberlost, 
a novel about the nearby Limberlost Swamp.

Five dollars buys you a tour of the inside of the home
which displays many of Stratton-Porter's possessions & remains almost as she left it.

We had a terrific guide named Curt, who was very knowledgeable and made the author come alive for us.

 We experienced her life & home, looking out the same conservatory window as she did.

And fittingly, we saw a baby rabbit in the famed naturalist's garden.

 If you are traveling near Geneva, Indiana, the site is worth a stop.

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