Friday, October 16, 2015

Hiking Yellowwood State Forest

A friend & I traveled to her little slice of heaven in Brown County Indiana.

Her place is surrounded by Yellowwood State Forest and we are both avid hikers,
so that's what we did!
 The fall color is starting to show as we hiked both logging roads and single track trails.

The Brown County Epic mountain ride had just taken place the previous weekend
and the trails were well marked & maintained.

We found an old pioneer grave along Tecumseh Trail.
 It appears to say
William Stogdill
Born  May 13, 1838
Died Feb 9, 1866
I found him on with this note:
When he came home from the Civil War to Brown County,
he was infected with smallpox and they cared for him in the barn until he died.
Family members took the body to the top of Lucas Hill and buried him there.
 We also found and old hikers hut in the woods.
And saw lots of deer.

All in all, we hiked about 17 miles of trails.
The dog probably hiked 25!

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