Monday, March 21, 2016

Kentucky Road Trip

With winter winding down, we are itching to get out and explore.
I love the bluegrass state so we headed south to Kentucky.

 First stop was the Sanders Cafe, birthplace of KFC!

 Colonel Sanders' influence was all over the cafe.  

The kitchen had been recreated from the original cafe.
And the restaurant still sells Kentucky fried chicken.

Just 20 miles away is Cumberland Falls, known as the Niagara of the south.

A neat phenomenen of the falls occurs every full moon with a clear sky.
A moonbow can be seen in the mist of the falls in the moonlight.
 I was unable to capture it with my point & shoot camera,
but this is a photo from the web that shows similar to what we saw.
The moonbow appears white to the human eye,
 but the colors can be captured with long exposure photos.
Moonbows are only seen at Cumberland Falls & at Victoria Falls in Africa.
More scenes from Kentucky to Follow.

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