Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cataract Falls, Indiana

A beautiful summer day calls for a day trip.
We visited Cataract Falls, Indiana's biggest waterfall.
This isn't the highest falls in Indiana, but has the largest volume of water.

 The falls are actually two sets of waterfalls on Mill Creek.
The upper falls is a series of cascades.

The upper falls have a larger drop.

Near the upper falls is a covered bridge.

About a half mile downstream, is the lower falls.
After visiting the falls, we drove to nearby McCormicks Cree State Park.

We hiked to wolf Cave, which you can hike through, if you'd like.
This is the entrance to the cave.

At the exit of the cave, two natural bridges formed when the ceiling of the cave collapsed.

 The trail was cool and serene.

We saw some of the native wildlife too, this opossum.

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