Friday, December 16, 2016

Everglades National Park

National park number 42 is Everglades,
a land of water, sawgrass, exotic flora & fauna.

We stopped several places, including Shark Valley
where we rode a tram out into the marshes of the park.

The tram takes you to an observation tower overlooking the park for miles.

We could see alligators floating lazily in the water.

Along the way we saw many wading birds such as this wood stork.

This is a beautiful anhinga.
The turquoise ring around its eye indicates it is ready for breeding.

 Close up of an egret.

We even saw baby alligators.

 We stopped at pull-offs around the park and saw typical sights.

I even watched from a pier as this anhinga dived underwater after fish.
This park is so diverse and has tons of wildlife.

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