Thursday, June 20, 2019

Exploring Southern Indiana

We are visiting a landmark in southern Indiana,
West Baden Springs Hotel.
 This beautiful hotel was built in 1902 and was known as the eighth wonder of the world,
due to its awe inspiring atrium that spans 200 feet.

Its hard to capture the true beauty of the atrium due to its immense size.

The chandelier is from Tiffany and changes colors at night when lit up.

Our room was charming & comfortable.
We enjoyed this beautiful hotel.

While we were in the south of our state, we visited the charming town of New Harmony
on the Wabash River.  There is lots to see and do.

Our first stop was the Athenaeum Visitor Center, a surprisingly modern building in a historic town.

The town was an attempt at utopia in 1814 by a religious group called the Harmonites.
This is the Workingmen's Institute which now houses the town library and a museum.

 The Harmonist Society built labyrinths to provide a place of reflection as they made their way to the center. The Harmonist Labyrinth replicates is made of concentric circles of privet hedges and replicates one planted in the early 1800's.

 This is a the Roofless church. 

And there is a second labyrinth of granite not walk and reflect on.
This was a delightful place to visit.
Golf carts can be rented to explore the town and there is lots of historic buildings and shops to explore.

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