Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Covered Bridges of Parke County

This is the time of year that Parke County celebrates its Covered Bridge Festival.
Since we enjoyed Putnam County's bridges a few weeks ago,
we decided to check it out.

McAllister Bridge
Built in 1914

It creaked quite a bit as we drove across!
It crosses Little Raccoon Creek

Crooks Bridge
 This is one of the oldest bridges still standing, built in 1856

From the Parke Co. web site:
The inscription "Cross This Bridge At A Walk" dates back to the horse and buggy days and was placed at both ends of the bridges. The rhythm of the horses hooves could do more structural damage to the bridge than the weight of a modern day truck. For the same reason, soldiers broke cadence when crossing also.

Conley's Ford Bridge
 Crosses Big Raccoon Creek and is 192 feet long.

Neet Bridge

Inside the Neet Bridge

This bridge is bypassed with a modern bridge.

Finally we stopped at Bridgeton to see the bridge & mill.
The bridge is 245 feet long and was built in 2006
to replace the original one destroyed by arson.

The mill has been operating since 1823

Inside the Mill

Parke County has 31 covered bridges & is known as the
Covered Bridge Capital of the World.

And lastly, just because this was one of the cutest pairs of horses I've seen.

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