Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haunted Trails

Take a walk in the woods near dark and prepare to be scared.
There are some naturally spooky things out there.

The crow, being all black, is associated with bad luck and the powers of darkness.

The vulture, a carrion eater, is a spooky repulsive bird. 

Bats are associated with vampires.

The nocturnal owl is a silent hunter of the darkness.

Owls are also associated with sorcery & witches.

No one wants to get tangled up in this.

Or have this crawling on you.

Its one big bone yard out there.

Of course, some creatures get into the spirit wearing masks.

And I've even heard there is a troll living in our woods....


Anonymous said...

Will you be leading tours about mid-night?? Would be fun.

LNo said...

Love the troll!