Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The birds are done nesting, and with all the leaves down, 
I can see the nests they've left behind.

Some are neat and tidy, held securely together by mud.

Others are little more than a pile of sticks.

Checking the bluebird house reveals its nest.

I've found nests that are hidden on the ground.

And seen all types materials used, such as this balloon string.

And lichens.

Horsehair seems to be a popular choice.

This one is a favorite, since the maker used hair from all 3 of my horses.

This one seems to be made with cattail down.

And I've found a different kind of nest too, 
A hornet nest


Jessica Nunemaker said...

That's probably the only good thing about leaves falling from the trees -- a chance to see the nests!

The neatest nest we ever saw was this past summer while taking a bike ride. We pulled in the bottom of a country driveway to feed the baby and the guy came outside to show us baby bunnies!

That was really neat! Nice blog you have (I like the barn cam). Neat touch. :)

Carole Barkett said...

That is a lot of birdnests. I love the one with horsehair too, it's so delicate