Monday, November 8, 2010

Snags - Nature's Birdhouses & More

Snags are trunks of dead trees usually with the top missing.
As trees die, the brittle smaller branches of the canopy continuously break off in the wind,
slowly whittling the tree down to just the trunk.

The open tops provide perfect nesting places for owls, opossum and raccoons.

The decaying wood attracts insects which provide food for wildlife.
Squirrels take up residence in the hollow trunk.

 The cracks provide warm roosting places for small birds and bats in the winter.
Eventually the tree collapses.
But it still provides habitat & food for wildlife.

Mice, chipmunks and snakes seek refuge in the hollow log.

 Ferns, mosses,

and fungi all utilize it.

Next time you see a snag, maybe you'll see it in a different light.

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Carole Barkett said...

nice photos, we lived in a logging community and they called these dead trees widow makers because when the trees were felled these would break off and sometimes hit the person cutting.