Saturday, March 26, 2011


About this time of year, I get the green thumb bug.  I love growing my own veggies and flowers.  This year I tried a new seed starting set up.    I bought a grow light with a frame, a seed starting tray and water mat and the obligatory peat pots.  Usually when I try growing my own starter plants indoors near a window, I get tall spindly plants without much vigor.  And after they die after transplanting, I go to the garden center and buy their starts.  Hopefully this new system will be successful.  The light is adjustable so I can raise & lower it to eliminate the legginess.   We'll see how it goes.  But at least for now, I can play in the dirt, even if it is still cold outside.

My seed starting set up.

 Baby broccoli!

 Baby tomato plants!

The garden beds are ready for planting.
Peas were planted on March 19th.

Another new venture, a potato bag.
Just plant  your potatoes in it and dump it out when you are ready to harvest.
Filled with lots of rich composted horse manure.

 Rhubarb coming in nicely.

The asparagus bed which was planted last year.
I gave it a nice topping of composted manure too.
Can't wait til May 10th, our official last frost date!

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