Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forensics, Kinda....

Okay, I'm totally an amateur at this,
but here are my thoughts,
worth every penny you paid for them!

(Click to enlarge)

The green arrows appear to be pointing at tails bones.
The pink, at the femur or thigh bone, usually the longest bone in the body.
Light blue arrow, indicating vertebrae or backbone.
And the purple arrow,  pointing at tiny ribs around 1 inch long.

And the fur is shades of gray with tinges of reddish brown.

Sooooo, I'm guessing it has a long tail,
small body about the size of my fist, and 
has gray/brown fur.

Baby Opossum -would probably still be in the pouch
Baby Rabbit - tail too long
Baby Squirrel - fur seems too fluffy, but possible
Mole - again tail too long
Rat - possible, but I've not seen many

My verdict:
A baby Squirrel
But only the owl and victim know the truth.
Who are you?

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