Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indiana's Best Hike (IMHO)

Pine Hills Nature Preserve was the first nature preserve in Indiana.
And with good cause.
It is one of the most interesting places in the state.
Take a hike with me...
It starts out pretty typical,
a trail through a mature forest of hardwoods & pines.

Then you see a sign for the Turkey Backbone.

The Turkey Backbone is a trail along the top of a narrow ridge.

The view from Turkey Backbone.

Heading down from the Turkey Backbone

To a solid wall of rock along the creek called The Slide.

Continuing on a pleasant walk along Indian Creek

Where we see Honeycomb Rock

 and this intriguing sign.

 Here's the view from the Devil's Backbone...

And this is where you are standing!
A narrow "sidewalk" of limestone rising
60 feet above the creek below.

The Devil's Backbone.

 When we were leaving,
a hiker appeared on the Devil's Backbone above us.
See her?
The nature preserve is in Shades State Park.
Don't miss this hike if you are in the area.

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