Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Last Challenge

Rocky & I went to the last Cowboy Challenge of the year.
You may recall, we tried one earlier in the year,
but participated with another horse & rider as a team.
This time we were on our own.

Concentrating at the starting line.

Trotting a straight line past the scary obstacles.

Sidepassing over a log, 
then walking over a tarp in a box.

Picking up a hula hoop and throwing it over a steer head.
Rocky shied at this obstacle. 
The hula hoop has rattling beads in it
that he was sure were the gnashing teeth of a tiger.

Backing through barrels

Through the "car wash".

Dismount, grab a flower pick and stick in a hay bale.
We got 2nd in amateur division. 
Not bad for a couple of amateurs.

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