Monday, November 11, 2013

Ever Been to a Ghost Town?

Yep, I can say I've been to a ghost town.
They are pretty common in the desert Southwest.

Rhyolite is an old abandoned gold mining town. just east of Death Valley.
It sprang up in 1905 when gold was discovered in the nearby Bullfrog mountains.
By 1911, the mine had closed and by 1920, the population had dropped to zero.
At its peak, the town had an estimated 8000 -10,000 people.
This is the old train depot.
 The town had three-story office buildings built of stone & concrete.
This is the Cook Bank building.

 The Mercantile

 Old vehicles sit abandoned among the buildings

This home looked quite nice.

One interesting building that is still standing is the Tom Kelly Bottle house.

The house is made up of over 50,000 (mostly beer) bottles.
 No visit to a ghost town is complete until you visit the cemetary.

This looks like an old cowboy grave.


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