Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is in Southern California and includes portions of the Mojave & Colorado Deserts.
 This is a stand of the namesake Joshua trees, not really a tree at all, but a species of yucca.

The rocks appear to be haphazardly piled up, but have actually eroded into these unusual stacks.

 The desert iguana is right at home in the cracks of the boulders.

Joshua Tree is a mecca for climbers.
Can you spot the 3 climbers ?

This is skull rock.

Camping among the boulders looks fun.

There are petroglyphs on the rocks too.

 This desert bird is called a Phainopepla.

 A cactus wren nest in a cholla.

 The sun sets on another wonderful national park visit.

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