Saturday, May 28, 2016

Everyone Loves a Parade

Memorial weekend in Indiana means the 500 race & festivities.
Saturday was the parade and I volunteered with the horse units.

The Wells Fargo Stagecoach was first to arrive.
Horses were unloaded.

And the stagecoach

Volunteers got to help groom the horses.
This is Rowdy.

The team gets hitched.
The team is comprised of 2 pairs of brothers, each one is a Quarter horse/draft mix.


 I escorted the Culver Black Horse Troupe in the parade
and managed to get a shot of them as they circled the monument.

 Also in the parade was the Indy Mounted Police.

This year, the Boy Scouts weren't there to be pooper scoopers, 
so guess who got drafted?
 We took our job seriously!

But we had some fun with the Colts mascot, Blue too!

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