Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alaska - Day 3

Today is a big day.

 Not only do I check off national park number 44, Kenaii Fjords National Park, 
but we will be hiking to the Harding Ice Field as well.

We are hiking on the edge of the Exit glacier.

 The trail starts off in trees and blueberry bushes.

As we climb, we can see the distant mountains & the river.

And we spotted a cow moose & her two calves.

 As we climbed higher, we entered an alpine environment.

 Climbing higher we encountered snow and even a waterfall of melting snow.

Nearing the top we were hiking on scree rock fields as we approached the emergency hut.
Can you see it near the top of the hill we are climbing?

 Finally we reach the top, rewarded with views of the 700-square-mile Harding ice field.
The ice field is the source of 38 named glaciers.

Celebrating our ascent - 3400 feet and 5.5miles to the top!

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