Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Alaska - The Last Frontier!

Lisa & I went on out annual mother/daughter trip, 
this year going to the Kenaii Peninsula in Alaska.
We traveled with the tour company, Backroads
who really took care of us.

Th first day we biked along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

The coastal trail is an 11 mile paved trail along the Cook Inlet, at times winding through a lush forest.

 Saw sandhill cranes walking in the mud flats along the trail.

 After a picnic lunch, we drove down to Girdwood and hiked the Winner Creek Trail.
I dutifully signed the register, in case we came up missing.

 The trail crossed Winner Creek, a beautiful glacial-fed creek.

Although it was a misty day, we enjoyed the lovely forest. 

The best part of the trail is the hand tram passing over a gorge with the creek surging below.
A pulley system allows you to pull yourself across on a 2 person tram. 
 The hikers waiting to cross helped pull the ropes, creating a sense of camaraderie
 as we all pulled the tram back & forth across the gorge.  
It was exhilarating fun!

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