Friday, September 13, 2013

Isle Royale National Park

Continuing my quest to see all the national parks,
we added Isle Royale to the list on this trip.

Isle Royale is an island in Lake Superior accessible only by boat or seaplane.
Consequently, it s one of the least visited national parks.

We took a 2 hour boat trip to get to the island.

The island is 45 miles long & 9 miles wide and the only means of travel is by foot.
It is a popular place to backpack.

 Visitors are allowed to eat as many berries as they want.
Blueberies, raspberries & these yummy tart-sweet thimbleberries were all ripe for picking.

We only had a day to explore the west end of the island, called Windigo,
so we listened to a ranger's talk, walked a nature trail and checked out the backpackers' cabins .
 Moose & wolves are both present on the island.
Moose probably swam from the Canadian mainland 15 miles away.
Wolves crossed the frozen lake in the exceptionally cold winter of 1948-1949.
We didn't see either of them, but I did see this interesting caterpillar.

We also watched a floatplane arrive and drop off backpackers.

We  enjoyed our day at Isle Royale.
Maybe someday we can return for a longer stay.

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