Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lake Huron

Day one & two were spent in Michigan
traveling north along Lake Huron.

There are many lighthouses along the lake.
This is Tawas Point lighthouse in Tawas Point State Park
located just north of the thumb of the Michigan mitten.
 Sturgeon Point Lighthouse built in 1869 near Harrisburg, Michigan.

 Old Presque Isle Lighthouse is the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Great Lakes.
It was built in 1840 and replaced by the new Presque Isle lighthouse in 1871.

New Presque Isle Lighthouse is about a mile away from the old lighthouse.
It is the tallest lighthouse accessible to the public on the Great Lakes.

This unusual square lighthouse is 40 Mile Point Lighthouse
 which is 40 nautical miles from Mackinaw Point.

We camped on the lake near Mackinaw City in sight of the Mackinac bridge.

 And watched the sunset over Lake Huron.

The night lights.

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