Saturday, January 12, 2019


We had two stops in Columbia.  
Even before we got off the ship, we could tell it was a very poor country.

These 2 fishermen were using the hull of a jet ski for a boat.

Homes were primitive.

 There were many modes of transportation.

 Motorcycles seemed to be popular.

 People were making money any way they could.

 There were lots of street vendors
 We did see a local dance troupe

And visited the old fort, Castillo San Filipe de Barajas, in Cartagena.

I didn't feel safe in Columbia.
In fact, our tour bus was held up for about a half hour by the police,
wanting our drivers papers.
Many street vendors were pushy and obtrusive, trying to get us to buy their wares.
I'd not recommend traveling to it.

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