Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dog Days

(Today's post is being authored by Bo, recapping his first vacation)

Being a ranch dog, staying in the city is kinda tough with the leash laws.
Luckily, my people found a dog park to visit and let me stretch my legs.

Cosmo Dog Park, named after a local police dog, was a fun place.
There were separate fenced areas for active dogs and timid dogs.
Of course, I went to the active area.

And there was a beach area, but I'm not that fond of getting my feet wet.
I'm sure it would be fine on a hot Arizona day.

We also checked out Chaparral Dog Park in Scottsdale.

It had some obstacles to play on.

 I met lots of new dogs.

And made some new friends too.

But my favorite part  of vacation was the hikes.
This place called Arizona has some strange prickly plants,

but the views are great.

And it has mountains,


and even snow, if you ride in the car long enough.

Its a great place to visit,
but as Toto says.......

there's no place like home.


Carole Barkett said...

Okay I want to come back as your dog :O)

tagnrocky said...

Haha! Thank you. We tried to make his first vacation a good one!