Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Potter's Bridge

Bo & I visited Potters Bridge Park right here in our home county.

Sometimes we overlook the gems right in our own backyards.

The bridge was built in 1870.
Looks pretty sturdy.

The park is a linear park along the White River.

 A paved path follows the river for several miles.

Even though the park is in town, its very scenic.
And I spotted quite a few wildlife.

This robin was on the ice taking a drink.

Mallard ducks were enjoying a dip in the river.

I heard this fox squirrel chewing a nut as it sat in the trees above me.

Canadian Geese were searching for spilled corn in a nearby field.

As was this whitetail deer.

And finally, I wondered what a  panorama of the inside of the bridge would look like.
Bizarre, isn't it?

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Too cool!!!!!!!!!!