Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

We visited the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert.
It is a birder's paradise.
Once again, I saw birds that I haven't seen before.
Such as this Northern Shoveler with his long scoop-like bill.

This Inca Dove was so dainty and delicate looking.
At first I thought it was a juvenile.

I did see a familiar Mockingbird in the trees.

And I had to google the identity of this Ring necked Duck.

This beautiful striking bird is a Black Necked Stilt.

This Blue Heron was much more tolerant of having his picture taken than the ones at home. 

And imagine my surprise when I  rounded a corner and saw  these parrots.
I don't think they are native, but they certainly are beautiful birds.

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Carole Barkett said...

beautiful collection of photos